Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Camila Cabello shares a reason why Shawn Mendes would break up with...

Camila Cabello shares a reason why Shawn Mendes would break up with her

Camila said Mendes saw a t-shirt saying 'Mendes Is My Bae' on her, it would be the funniest joke in the entire world but he would immediately break-up with her

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Celebrity power couple Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes may be very loving towards each other, often displaying PDA everywhere but there is also a limit to the romance.

During an appearance at the 2019 B96 Jingle Bash, the 22-year-old Havana singer said although her beau Shawn Mendes is a fan of her sartorial choices, there is one thing he prohibited her from wearing, and it is the ‘Mendes Is My Bae’ T-shirt.

A fan gave Camila the shirt at the Bash as a present.

When asked if Shawn will be okay about it, Camila joked that he would probably break up with her then and there.

Camila said it would be so hilarious and that she hopes he doesn’t see it and if the next time she sees him and she wears it, it would be the funniest joke in the entire world.

She added that she did not know how he would react and he would be asking, ‘who is this girl?’ before breaking up with her.

The couple became an overnight success after they released their hit duet Senorita which left the world grooving to its catchy tune.

The single also got them a big win at the American Music Awards this year.

The couple met for the first time when Camila was still in the girl group Fifth Harmony and they were together in 2014 on Austin Mahone’s tour.

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Shawn was very shy during their first few meetings. Shawn revealed that he thought Camila was crazy.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are not shy about their romance. Picture: Instagram

Camila shared that she wanted to hang out with Shawn but he was always on the tour bus, learning guitar.

Shawn said he didn’t talk to anyone on the entire tour except for Camila. Camila took the time to know him better.

Later on, it was revealed that Camila had feelings for Shawn long before they got together.


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