Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Camila Cabello to ring in New Year with Shawn Mendes in Canada

Camila Cabello to ring in New Year with Shawn Mendes in Canada

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American singer Camila Cabello plans to visit and hang out with her boyfriend Shawn Mendes in his home country of Canada.

The Senorita singers had officially announced that they were in a relationship five months ago. Camila has revealed that she will visit Canada at the end of this month and plans to ring in the New Year with Mendes in Toronto.

The 22-year-old Havana singer also excitedly hopes that the couple will enjoy their time together. Mendes is 21.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are Hollywood’s hottest couple. Picture: Instagram

Cabello revealed during a recent interview that she and Mendes have had a connection since 2015 when they collaborated on I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Although the couple only officially announced their relationship five months ago, Cabello had had feelings for Mendes earlier on.

The two of them were on tour and Cabello was still in girl group Fifth Harmony. They were together in 2014 on Austin Mahone’s tour.

According to Cabello, Mendes was very shy during their first few meetings. Mendes, on the other hand, thought Cabello was crazy.

Cabello shared that she wanted to hang out with Mendes but he was always on the tour bus learning the guitar. Mendes said he did not talk to anybody on the tour except Cabello and that she was the only one willing to take time to get to know him better.

Mendes said he thought Cabello was crazy because she would fly around on a scooter and jump and do cartwheels. He would then close the window and go to sleep.

There have been rumours for years about them dating before they confirmed that they were indeed in a relationship.

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The fact that they performed together further fuelled the rumours. Also contributing to them were the many photos of them displaying affection in public.

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