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Can sworn enemies Umno and DAP work together? Kadir Jasin says if Dr M could, anyone can

PKR sources told me the DAP has agreed to work with Umno in the coming general election, a source told Kadir




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KUALA LUMPUR, Dec. 6 — To Datuk Kadir A. Jasin, the former press secretary and a close ally of Tun Dr Mohamad, -long rivals Umno and the DAP could very well forge a political alliance to rule Perak – a feat many think to be impossible.

Kadir cited as proof to support his argument against the impossible.

The veteran newsman said the two-time former minister had joined forces with DAP, PKR and Amanah to overthrow Barisan Nasional in the 2018 , noting their partnership had lasted till February this year.

Kadir suggested that with Umno keen to retake leadership of the Perak government, teaming up with DAP would be the most pragmatic approach since MIC and MCA, the two non-Malay partners in Barisan Nasional (BN) were unable to draw support from the minority communities.

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“BN is comatosed. MCA and MIC can no longer draw non-Malay support. The Chinese is monopolised by the DAP.

’s not surprising then that the DAP, having tasted power through Harapan, has aspirations to return to Putrajaya through a new pact that may include Umno,” Kadir wrote on his Facebook page today.

“If Mohamad can work with the DAP, PKR, and Amanah to topple BN, can Umno not think of the same method?” he added.

Kadir claimed he had prior knowledge about the plan to overthrow Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu, having been tipped off by a person purportedly close to Opposition Leader Datuk Seri .

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In a move that caught even senior party leaders off guard, Umno joined forces with its sworn enemy to hand a no-confidence that ended Ahmad Faizal’s tenure, abetted by PKR and Amanah.

Kadir suggested he was initially sceptical about the information but was later persuaded to change his mind after receiving text messages from more sources, including he claimed to be a DAP central working committee member.

“By 6.15pm I received a text from a central working committee member: “PKR sources told me the DAP has agreed to work with Umno in the coming general election. I’m flabbergasted”,” he wrote.

Shortly after, Kadir said a Hong Kong-based fund manager had texted him about the same matter.

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“6.42pm a fund manager of Chinese descent is based in Hong Kong (me): “Umno DAP working together. Dreamteam finally coming together”,” he wrote.

The Perak legislative assembly has 59 seats. Umno controls the lion’s share at 25 followed by the DAP, at 16. Together with PKR and Amanah, PH has 24 seats.

Ahmad Faizal’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu only has five seats. Umno leaders have used the party’s minority status to justify a takeover.

PAS, with just three seats, have said it would stay out of the new government. The remaining two seats are held by Gerakan and an independent.

Perak state lawmakers voted against the menteri besar on Friday. Ahmad Faizal subsequently announced his resignation on Saturday.

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