Cat missing from New Jersey for four years found at Pittsburgh, reunited...

Cat missing from New Jersey for four years found at Pittsburgh, reunited with family

Cat missing for four years finally reunited with family

India — Stories, where lost pets reunite with their humans, can easily warm one’s heart. The story of Nova the cat who got lost from her home in New Jersey is one such precious addition to those stories. Shared on Facebook by a Pittsburgh animal shelter who helped to track Nova’s family, the post may leave you with a big smile.

“After going missing from her home in New Jersey more than four years ago, Nova and her owner were reunited at Animal Friends this afternoon,” reads the first few lines of the caption. “Nova was originally lost in New Jersey as a young cat, just before Christmas in 2016. She slipped out of the apartment one morning and was never seen again. Her owner made fliers and posted them all around her apartment complex but had no luck finding Nova and eventually moved to Massachusetts,” it describes.

The caption then goes on to say how Nova found her way one day to the house of Diane, a volunteer at the shelter. “Our Admissions team successfully located a chip in Nova and were able to contact her owner who traveled all the way from Massachusetts to pick up her long lost friend! And, what a happy reunion it was . Nova is now safely on her way back to Massachusetts with her owner and where she will be reunited with her kitty sibling who missed her dearly!” concludes the caption. The post is complete with two pictures of Nova being taken care of.

Take a look at the post:

Shared on March 4, the post has garnered over 1,400 reactions and several comments. People loved the reunion story of Nova and her human and showered the comments section with heart emojis.

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“This is such a wonderful story. Thank you Diane for taking care of this kitty and making it possible to be reunited with its owner after so many years,” wrote a Facebook user. “I’m so glad that you got your baby back! I tell people to never give up! Wishing you and Nova many years of love and happiness!” said another.

“WOW, miracles do really happen. Wish that Nova could tell everyone about her adventures,” commented a third.

What do you think of this wonderful reunion?

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