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Cecilia Cheung’s mother works as an Uber driver

Jayne  reported that Cheung, who has acted in a number of Hong Kong films has stopped supporting her divorced parents and half-siblings financially




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Hong Kong celebrity ’s mother was featured in the news after she was reported to be working as an driver. Cheung’s mother, has been a driver for a seven-seater posh car for almost three years according to Hong Kong media outlet Jayne was reported that the 59-year-old worked for the ridesharing company to make ends meet. Davies has acted in minor roles such as in the 2016 horror flick Cases II. She was also a cashier at a Kowloon bakery before.

Jayne Stars reported that Cheung, has acted in a number of Hong Kong films has stopped supporting her divorced parents and half-siblings financially. Recently, Davies was photographed waiting in her Uber vehicle for potential customers outside a mall. She looked sad from the lack of passengers as a result of the . Davies was spotted complaining about the lack of , on top of sighing from time to time during her one-hour wait where she didn’t receive a single passenger.

Cecilia Cheung’s mother is an Uber driver. Picture:

Davies has received positive reviews from passengers since becoming an Uber driver three years ago, earning an impressive 4.7 out of 5 rating from almost 2,000 rides. Her passengers complimented Davies’ professionalism, evident from her formal attire, friendly smile and thoughtful service. 40-year-old Cheung made her career debut as a teen celebrity to support her parents and siblings after making big in showbiz. After her divorce with Nicholas Tse in 2011, she became the primary breadwinner for her sons Lucas and Quintus.

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Cheung’s financial obligations further increased after she gave birth to third child Marcus in 2018. The identity of the father is not disclosed. A couple of years ago, Cheung shared about her financial problems on Instagram. News that her parents stopped receiving financial support from Cheung began circulating soon after. While Cheung is going through financial woes, her former mother-in- Deborah Lee was reportedly enjoying a lush retiree lifestyle.

Tse’s mother who was married to veteran actor Patrick Tse from 1979 to 1996 was spotted lunching at a lavish restaurant after shopping at high-end stores in Hong Kong’s Central district.

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