Celebrity deaths

This year we said goodbye to quite a few legends and icons in the movie and music industry, sportsmen, politicians as well as royalty . Among them the Queen who died on September 8 at the grand old age of 96. She had the longest reign in British history and died a peaceful death at her estate in Balmoral, Scotland.

Other famous unforgettable faces that have passed away included Olivia Newton-John, Ray Liotta, Coolio, Bob Saget, Taylor Hawkins, Dame Deborah James. Music frontmen Terry Hall and Faithless; Maxi Jazz.

Here’s our compilation of Celebrity deaths:


Actor and diplomat Sidney Poitier died in January at 94. Poitier was the first black man to win an Oscar way back in 1964. He died of heart failure and was also suffering from Alzheimer’s and prostate cancer. Actor Bob Saget, best known for the sitcom Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos also died at 65.


One of India’s biggest cultural icons Lata Mangeshkar died the following month at 92. With a career spending eight decades, the singer with the melodious and hauntingly beautiful voice started at 13 as an actor but went on to sing performing an estimated 15,000 songs in more than a dozen languages.


In March, cricketeer Shane Warne died at the relatively young age of 52. Having retired in 2007, he took 708 Test wickets in 145 matches. He also won the 1999 50-over World Cup and claimed 293 dismissals in 194 one day internationals between 1993 and 2004.

After his retirement he played Twenty20 cricket and worked as a cricket commentator.

Victoria state premier Daniel Andrews said, “Shane Warne didn’t just inspire a cricket generation – he defined it.”

Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins died at 40 suddenly while the band was touring South America shocking the world. Actor William Hurt also passed away around the same time at 71 peacefully in his sleep.


Soap opera, Eastenders star June Brown died at 95. She played the character of Dot Cotton for 35 years in the series starting in 1985.


Another stellar actor, Ray Liotta died in May. Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Kevin Costner described him as ‘uniquely gifted’.

More Celebrity deaths


BBC Podcast star Deborah James died after suffering from bowel cancer. Her journey throughout the illness was the topic of her podcast titled You, Me and The Big C. She was only 40 years old when she died.


Japan’s ex prime minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated in July this year in a close-range shooting in Nara, Japan. His funeral was attended by more than 430,000 people.

Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump died at 73 after falling down a flight of stairs at her home in New York City. She suffered blunt impact injuries to her torso.


In August, much-loved singer and actress Olivia Newton-John became one of the many celebrity deaths at 73, with tributes pouring in for her from all over the world.

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev also kicked the bucket at 91. President Joe Biden described him as “a man of remarkable vision” who helped avert nuclear war.


Rapper Coolio died in September at 59. The singer was best known for his 1995 hit song Gangsta’s Paradise from the movie Dangerous Minds.


In October we said goodbye to actress Angela Lansbury of Murder She Wrote fame. She was 96. In the same month, beloved Harry Potter character Hagrid actor Robbie Coltrane also died at 72.


November saw Irene Cara’s passing. Famous for her songs in Flashdance and Fame she was 63 years old. Her cause of death remains unknown.


This month, Maxi Jazz of Faithless became another celebrity deaths mourned by fans. Best knowns for smash hits like Insomnia, God is A DJ and We Come 1, his band performed at some of the biggest music festivals in the world with seven albums out. He was 65 years old.

Actress Kirstie Alley also died this month at 71. The actress was much loved for her role in comedy series Cheers and had numerous struggles later on in life.

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