Home Celebrity Cher Rewrites ‘Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe’ as Biden Campaign Song

Cher Rewrites ‘Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe’ as Biden Campaign Song

Cher, the leftist singer, is helping in his campaign to root out Trump from the White House




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American pop star Cher has re-written a 1940s classic tune “ is a Thing Called Joe,” to make the Joe presidential campaign song.

The song debuted on Sunday night during a “I Will ” online campaign fundraiser, says Breitbart.

On Monday, Cher debuted “Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe,” adding the word “just” to the original title.

The original “Happiness is a Thing Called Joe,” is from the 1943 film musical, A Cabin the the Sky.

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“He’s got a smile that makes the lilacs want to grow,” Cher croons. Then came the political themes: “Right now our country’s gloomy, fear is in the air. Joe will keep safe, that’s all we need to know.”

“But when Joe smiles at us, compassion fills the air,” Cher sings, concluding by saying “President Joe” several times. 

, because, if you don’t , we’ll have nothing. If he gets another four years in office, we will have nothing.

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“We will have Putin’s idea of what heaven is. We will have Erdogan’s idea of what heaven is,” said Cher.

“We will have all of these people, all these autocrats will have his ear, will be paying him , and we will have no .”

Cher has is also campaigning for telling a small crowd in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday that if President Donald is reelected, “will have nothing” other than “what Putin’s idea of heaven is.”

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