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Child rapist and serial killer who murdered eight children gets hanged




A child rapist and serial killer was hanged behind closed doors last week, after the Pakistan’s apex rejected intense public calls for a public .

The deceased, Mohammad Imran, earned the wrath of countless Pakistanis after it was revealed that he abducted, raped and murdered a seven-year-old girl, Zainab Ansari, while her parents were on a pilgrimage in , this past January.

The police apprehended Imran after he dumped Zainab’s body at a garbage disposal site in Kasur, Punjab. The child rapist confessed to killing seven other after his and was convicted by the courts and sentenced to the penalty thereafter.

Pakistan police official Mohammad Afzal said last Tuesday, “Imran was taken to the gallows just before dawn and he has been hanged with a rope in the presence of magistrate and a doctor.”

Zainab’s father, Mohammed Amin Ansari – was one of the voices that called for a public execution as a deterrant to offenders – was given special allowance to witness the execution.

After witnessing Imran’s , Zainab’s father reportedly thanked the judiciary, and investigators for giving the victims speedy justice and said, “My will not come back, but I am satisfied that we got justice.”



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