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China’s bullying of Muslims land Malaysian minister, Saudi Crown Prince in trouble




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Netizens are up in arms against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman and Malaysia’s Religious Affairs Minister Mujahid Yusof Rawa, over their comments regarding ’s ‘internment’ camps where Muslims are ‘imprisoned’.

Netizens are sensitive on the widely reported issue of Beijing’s treatment of more than one million ethnic Uighur and other Muslims.

While China officially calls these detention centres in the remote areas in Xinjiang as ‘education training centres’ set up to provide new working skills, their intention is to fight religious extremism.

China is criticized by the United States and Germany, raised the issue in a closed-door United Nations Security Council on Tuesday, July 2 but the United Nations has turned a deaf ear.

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Perceived support from

is widely believed Beijing’s actions have found support, unspoken or otherwise, from unexpected persons, including the Crown Prince of , paid a visit to China in February.

Chinese state television quoted Prince Mohammed as saying,

“China has the right to carry out anti-terrorism and de-extremisation work for its national security.” 

The Crown Prince added, “Saudi Arabia respects and supports it and is willing to strengthen cooperation with China.”

The groups of who had asked Prince Mohammed to fight for their cause were disappointed, given that Saudi Arabia has traditionally spoken up for the rights of Muslims around the globe.

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Prince Mohammed’s remarks did not go over well with netizens.

Malaysia’s Religious Affairs Minister

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In Malaysia, Mujahid Yusof Rawa, the country’s Religious Affairs Minister, has also found himself in hot for a recent Facebook post, in which Mr Muhajid described the detention camps where were as “a vocational and training institution.”

Mr Muhajid took a weeklong visit to China last week, and posted photos of people in classrooms, along with the caption, “Datuk seri Dr Mujahid and delegation has been brought to visit the training and vocational center of the Uyghur society.

The Center is running industrial training activities with various skills such as sewing, legislation, art, flower arrangement and etc.”

Netizens were quick to call out Mr Muhajid for his post, as well as to express support for the Muslims living in the camps./ TISG


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