Chinese company forced employees to drink urine for failing to meet sales targets

Three managers running a sales firm out of southwestern China’s Guizhou Province have been arrested after they allegedly forced employees who failed to meet sales targets to consume urine. In the shocking incident that occurred in 30 Oct, the managers also whipped their employees with belts.

The horrifying incident was filmed and uploaded online to Weibo by witnesses. In the video, a worker can be seen standing in the middle of what appears to be a meeting room being whipped by one of the three managers.

As the video progresses, several employees can be seen taking a cup of yellow liquid each before downing it as they stand in front of a PowerPoint presentation screen.

According to screenshots of an internal email sent to staff that is circulating on Weibo, the managers threatened the sales staff that they would be forced to eat cockroaches if they perform poorly.

According to the local press, the firm also punishes staff by shaving their heads or forcing them to drink toilet water or vinegar.

The local press reports that the shocking punishments were meted out to staff who failed to meet their sales targets. Police investigations are ongoing.