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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman “not aware” of Dickson Yeo spying case

He says "hyping up the so-called China infiltration and espionage issues to the point of paranoia"




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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, asked by a reporter in Beijing on Monday (July 27) about the spying case in the United States involving Singaporean Dickson Yeo, said he was not aware of .

According to a report in CNA, he had said in response to a question: “I’m not aware of what you just mentioned, but I would like to point out that lately, enforcement has been busy hyping up the so-called infiltration and espionage issues to the point of paranoia.”

Mr Wang said the US should also be honest about its espionage activities. He stated: “The has seen the act of the real thief crying ‘stop the thief’ too many times… We urge the US to stop using the so-called espionage issue to smear China.”

Having been identified as working for Chinese intelligence, Yeo, 39,  pleaded guilty in a US court last week. While in the US, he had allegedly targeted US citizens, including an army officer at the Pentagon, had valuable information for the Chinese.

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According to reports, Yeo was recruited when he was pursuing his doctorate in the National University of . In 2015, he flew to Beijing for a presentation on the political scene in -east Asia. His presentation gained the attention of individuals who claimed to be part of a Chinese think-tank. They subsequently offered Yeo monetary incentives in exchange for political reports.

A signed statement of facts revealed that at least four of these individuals were intelligence operatives for the Chinese . The individuals wanted Yeo to sign a contract to aid the People’s Liberation Army but he did not do so. However, he decided to continue with other operatives for the Chinese.

Yeo will be sentenced on Oct 9 and faces up to 10 years in jail in the US. /TISG

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