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Chinese university students trash Airbnb apartment they rented in Japan




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Three Chinese  sparked outrage on after leaving an Airbnb apartment they rented in in an utter mess. The host who has shocked by the state they left his apartment in, shared several pictures of how chaotic his home looked. The pictures showed piles of trash, dirty utensils and misplaced objects after the students rented for a five-day period from September 5 – 10.

When the host demanded the female students to pay double for his costs, they refused. To make matters worse, the students vandalized their host’s guestbook with random scribbles, including a sketch of a pile of poop.

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The students were not remorseful for their actions and argued that they had paid for their stay and that it was not their apartment to clean. “We spent for a place to live, not to clean. This isn’t my home, I don’t have to tidy up for you,” one student said.

Another claimed that they trashed the apartment as they could not find trash bins in the home at the time of check-in. The host however, shared a photo of three waste bins situated on the balcony of the apartment.

The students only sought forgiveness after their mess went and netizens took them to task for it. They said: “We just want to be forgiven. Maybe it’s too late, maybe we deserve this, but sorry, we just want to do our part.”

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The host however, did not accept the “apology” and said: “It’s hard to accept this kind of apology. If I’m the one who apologizes, it means I’m saying that they’re telling the truth.”

He also pointed out that paying fees doesn’t mean guests may damage properties.

“So you have a cleaning fee. As a host, it’s normal that I clean for you. But it doesn’t mean that you can just ruin these places.”

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