EntertainmentCelebrityChrissy Teigen and John Legend welcome third baby

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend welcome third baby

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have just had a baby. The child was born on January 13. The couple already have two children, six-year-old Luna and four-year-old Miles.

Legend told People magazine that he felt energized despite not getting enough sleep and spending a lot of time at the hospital.

“What a blessed day,” said the singer. Teigen, 37 has been trying for a child since August 2022 with IVF treatments which she has been documenting.

Chrissy Teigen lost a child

Chrissy Teigen lost a child two years earlier and that is why it took her a long time to share her pregnancy news.

“The last few years have been a blur of emotions to say the least, but joy has filled our home and hearts again. I billion shots later (in the leg lately), as [you] can see! We have another on the way.”

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“Every appointment I’ve said to myself, ‘ok, if it’s healthy today I’ll announce but then I breathe a gig of relief to hear a heartbeat and decide I’m just too nervous still. I don’t think I’ll ever walk out of an appointment with more excitement than nerves but so far, everything is perfect and beautiful and I’m feeling hopeful and amazing. Ok phew, it’s been very hard keeping this in for so long!”

Entertainment Tonight also interviewed her after Chrissy Teigen revealed her pregnancy news about how her family was feeling.

“[Lune’s] so nurturing and loving. And so she’s just very very exciting. Miles is a little more on othe fence, because Luna is always going to be the big girl right? But Miles is, you know, not going to be the baby anymore. We spend a lot of time with him and telling him that he’s always going to be our baby boy… That’s it for us. So, I mean, he’s going to be the best. He’s going to be so good.”

Legend album

“They have each other you know, Luna and Miles will be older siblings now and there’s enough of a gap to where we don’t have to micromanage their every moment.”

Legend released his eighth studio album titled Legend in September and has been nominated for three 2023 Grammy Awards for his work on DJ Khaled’s song “God Did”. Teigen is currently acting in courtroom drama Chrissy’s Court which is now in its third season.

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