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Clip shows doggo acing Michael Jackson’s moonwalk, leaves netizens gushing

"My name is Dogson, Michael Dogson," reads the caption alongside the video.




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, Oct. 24 — There’s no wonder that ’s moonwalk is one of the coolest dance steps one can . And the is full of videos with netizens attempting those steps. But, one particular doggo has grabbed the attention of netizens with its smooth moonwalk. After watching the clip chances are you may keep playing on loop.

Shared on Horlicks the golden retriever’s personal profile, the clip the fluffy doggo. The starts with the pooch standing with ’s fluffy back towards the camera as slowly starts walking backwards from a corner behind a sofa.

“My name is Dogson, Michael Dogson,” reads the caption alongside the video.

Take a look at the clip:

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Shared on October 23, the clip has garnered over 11,300 views along with more than 1,500 likes. People didn’t hold back while praising the doggo’s smooth moves. Many couldn’t stop gushing at Horlicks’ cuteness and expressed their love for the video with numerous heart and emojis.

“Fabulous moonwalking,” wrote an user, “You crack me up Horlicks,” wrote another.

Horlicks’ canine also dropped praises and love for the video. “Wow! Look at them fancy moves,” wrote one. “You do it so better! Luff you,” said another. To which Horlicks replied with, “Thank you so much! Luff you too”.

What are your thoughts on this video?

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