politicsCohen says Trump's lawsuit against him will fail

Cohen says Trump’s lawsuit against him will fail

Former US President Donald Trump is suing his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, for allegedly breaching a non-disclosure agreement by writing a book about their relationship.

The lawsuit, filed in a Florida federal court, accuses the lawyer of making “improper, self-serving, and malicious statements” about Trump and his family.

Michael worked as Trump’s attorney for more than a decade but fell out with him after the 2016 election. Cohen was later sentenced to three years in prison for fraud and campaign finance violations, but he is now out of prison and has become a vocal critic of Trump. Cohen has written a book and hosts a podcast, both of which Trump cites in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims the lawyer fabricated conversations and wrongfully called Trump a “racist” in his 2020 book Disloyal.

Cohen Confident

The latter’s spokesman and lawyer, Lanny Davis, said he was confident the lawsuit would fail and accused Trump of using the legal system to harass and intimidate Cohen and other potential witnesses cooperating with prosecutors against him.

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Donald Trump is suing the former employee for breaking attorney-client privilege and seeking $500 million in damages for ‘breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment, conversion and breaches of contract’.

Cohen was convicted in 2018 for “unlawful campaign contributions” made in the form of hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels on behalf of Trump. Despite taking the fall for the payment Cohen said that Trump was the mastermind behind the scheme.

Lawyers for Trump are now suing Cohen for allegedly spreading “falsehoods about [Trump] with malicious intent and to wholly self-serving ends and for causing vast reputational harm as a direct result of [Cohen’s] breaches.”

Employee Confidentiality

They say he also breached an employee confidentiality agreement he signed with the Trump Organisation when he published his two books that discuss Trump.

The lawsuit states that “Cohen chose to capitalize on his confidential relationship with (Trump) to pursue financial gain and repair a reputation shattered by his repeated misrepresentations and deceptive acts, fueled by his animus toward the Plaintiff and his family members.”

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