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Conservative official gets is a hit with ‘boomerang’ on Instagram




’s usually conservative Religious Affairs Minister is a bit of a social media buff. His account was buzzing with likes and awe from netizens this week.

He posted an Instagram “boomerang” with a group of youths in his office in Malaysia’s administrative capital Putrajaya.

The six-second was also tweeted on his account.

In the video, the minister is seen waving to the camera alongside a group of youngsters.

He captioned : “Joining these youngsters recording a boomerang. They are from Johor. Anyone know them.”

They are from the Beeprography Studio and were holding up production equipment in the 6 seconds video.

Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri’s video on Instagram received more than 54,000 views, 46 comments in which most of the netizens expressed their awe at his skills.

is quite a feat in Malaysia for the top in the Cabinet to go with a boomerang video.

Usually, the youngsters will get a lecture from religious leaders telling them not to go on TikTok for example.

Some religious leaders call the actions of the younger gen on social media a diversion from the Islamic faith.

But not Dr Albakri is using the social media platforms to attract attention while he spreads his message through them.

Dr Albakir was the mufti of the Federal Territory a few years ago and is a Senator in Malaysia. He is not an elected rep but seats in the Cabinet of PM Yassin.

He is also an avid follower of Liverpool, the English Premier League champion and is also a member of The Muslim Council of Elders.

The Terengganu born is 51 and engages with his followers on Twitter. The boomerang video attracted 33,000 views on Twitter.



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