LawConservatives calling George Floyd’s “i can't breathe” as inspiration for criminals when...

Conservatives calling George Floyd’s “i can’t breathe” as inspiration for criminals when caught by authorities 

The controversial opinions regarding George Floyd and the circumstances of his death are still varying among the woke left and the conservative right. Furthermore, some claim that he was on a few substances on the day the police unalived him. However, these are all claims and it is not conclusive if he was on drugs or not. 

Regardless, police officers are often called “racist” and “misogynistic” in America. There are strong movements to “defund the police” yet when a crime happens to these activists, they come running to the authorities. According to the New York Post, for progressive elites who are far from genuine hardships like food insecurity and safety concerns, they propose impractical solutions to distant issues and are far from the consequences of their errors. 

However, reality intrudes when non-believers disrupt their comfort, as seen by the harrowing experience of Minnesota Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party official Shivanthi Sathanandan. She shares a recent incident on Facebook where four young suspects carjacked her in front of her young children, abruptly shattering the illusion of luxury.

Is George Floyd’s ‘I can’t breathe” line inspiring more criminals to rile up the public against police officers? 

Furthermore, users state that the individual should comply with the authorities. It is unclear if the man was robbing a store or not, but by not complying with the authorities, it will not make things easier. X users state that if the man actually stole something, he should pay for the crime he did. 

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In addition to this, users state that if someone who actually can’t breathe would not be able to openly state it. They claim that if the body is unable to breathe, you would not be able to speak. However, according to experts during the whole George Floyd ordeal, they claim that you can speak even when you are short on breath. 

Following that, conservatives are giving suggestions to the country’s leaders in order to curb this social problem. They state that Americans who are surviving on government handouts should get a job and work. Others respond by saying that illegal immigrants should not be coming into the country stealing the jobs of Americans with lower qualifications and skills. 

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