Nikki Haley, slavery

There are several discussions around Nikki Haley in recent days, but most of them are not in a positive light for her. For the most part, Republican supporters are calling her “too woke” to be a candidate representing them. Conservatives on X feel that she should step down as a Presidential candidate and end her campaign. 

It seems that even among the Republicans, they too feel that she is incompatible with their party. Politico states, Trump’s campaign mounts attacks against Nikki Haley, diverting focus from Ron DeSantis in a sudden shift days before voting starts. With TV ads, social media assaults, and direct verbal attacks from Trump himself, the former president aims to hinder Haley’s campaign momentum. 

Trump’s camp now views Haley as a substantial threat, especially after her polling gains, foreseeing a possible surge if she secures second place in Iowa. Dismissing DeSantis, they spend millions targeting Haley’s stances and past remarks. 

The intensified assault, involving millions in ads and relentless criticism, indicates Trump’s concerted effort to stifle Haley’s rise in the Republican race.

Is Nikki Haley “too woke?” Conservatives on X feel so 


Libs of TikTok has been one of the vocal conservative pages on X against Nikki Haley. The page states that her campaign has been focusing on DEI, which is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, which is predominantly a woke liberal ideology. Other conservatives feel that she is a Hillary Clinton in disguise. 


A controversial topic which revolves around transgender surgeries for minors has put her in a tight spot as well. Republicans are known for being against minors going through transition surgeries that are often permanent. However, Haley seems to be taking a different approach as to her voters by feeling that the law should stay out of 12-year-old kids wanting to transition. 


Others went on to use her birth name, Nimrata and state that she is a pure blooded Democrat. Regardless, her approach to the party is wildly different than what her other two opponents, Trump and DeSantis represent. 

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