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The topic of Trump becoming President again is a precarious topic among Americans due to the fact that he has multiple charges against him. However, X users are optimistic that he will defend their freedom. They are accusing the current government for charging him and banning him from social media, regardless of the reasoning. 

However, Trump’s days of freedom may be limited as the cases against him are piling up. Several media outlets are claiming that this is going to happen sooner than later. We would simply have to wait and see. 

According to Newsweek, former GOP congressman David Jolly warned of Donald Trump’s impending jeopardy, suggesting his ongoing assaults on court staff in the New York civil fraud trial could lead to his “loss of personal liberties.” The lawsuit, led by NY Attorney General Letitia James against Trump and his family, accuses them of inflating assets to secure better deals. 

NY Judge Arthur Engoron ruled civil liability for fraud, with further trials pending on various charges. Trump’s outbursts against court staff amid a gag order raise concerns, potentially impacting his liberty or conviction, as stated by Jolly, an MSNBC political analyst. Jolly highlighted Trump’s erratic behavior and predicted it might sway public opinion against him, safeguarding President Biden’s lead in a potential matchup.

Conservatives still defending Trump 


Republicans on X are sharing their thoughts regarding the situation. Furthermore, some claim that they had more freedom and money during his tenure. The contrary is happening now, according to conservatives. Trump supporters are throwing around heavy accusations against President Biden and the current US government citing that the previous elections were rigged. We have no evidence if this is true or not. 


Following that, conservatives state that the liberals are accusing Trump of doing the same things they are doing. Again, it is unclear if this is a fact or not. X users claim that this is a far left tactic in order to reduce their opponents and destroy their credibility. 

Democrat supporters feel the same towards Trump as they claim he tried to take the American freedom to his own hands with the January 6 debacle. It seems that on both ends, they are accusing each other of the same thing. The final straw will be on election day 2024 as either the Democrats may continue on or the Republicans will take the wheel instead. 

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