The airline industry has been one of the most discussed industries as of late. This is simply due to the number of increased incidents coinciding the same time these airlines are focusing on their DEI policies. However, Southwest Airlines has gotten the spotlight for today after conservatives feel that they are discriminating against White men. 

The Daily Caller states, major airlines and a particular aircraft manufacturer are under scrutiny for potential violations of civil rights laws due to their emphasis on diversity goals. Legal experts argue that the focus on racial quotas, as seen in Boeing, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines, raises concerns about violations of Title VII. 

Boeing’s DEI report, outlining goals to increase Black representation, is viewed skeptically by legal analysts who fear it implies quotas. Southwest Airlines and United Airlines have set diversity targets for management and senior positions. 

Critics argue that employing race or gender criteria for employment conditions violates the Civil Rights Act. Safety concerns arise after a Boeing 737-9 Max incident, questioning the impact of DEI policies.

Conservatives saying Southwest Airlines discriminating against White men

Furthermore, conservatives predict that in the near future, airlines will promote themselves for hiring pilots that get the job done without crashes. This is what the general public actually want instead of having a diverse cockpit that may be less qualified than others. The job of an airline is to fly passengers from one place to another safely. 


In addition to this, X users are saying that this type of discrimination has been abolished since the 1964 Civil Rights Act. However, it seems the total opposite is happening and people are affected by it today. Most conservatives believe that in 2024, people should not be discriminated against for their gender and race. 

Some users suggest that White men should actually try and apply for a position with the airline. If they do not get hired, they can take legal action against the company. The radical left needs to calm down when it comes to the actual safety and well being of the general public.  

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