Kevin Costner and Reese Witherspoon are rumoured to be dating and the duo seem to have a lot in common. From recent divorces to acting careers it appears, that common threads have brought them together.

According to one source, Costner has had his eye on her ever since she won an Oscar but didn’t figure she was going to be as “charming as hell” too.

They’ve been calling and texting on the pretence of finding the perfect script, but it’s becoming almost a daily occurrence,” said one source.

Costner, 68 and Reese, 47 are two decades apart and yet their connection is not surprising looking at the things they have in common.

No-one is surprised that Kevin and Reese have hit it off. They’re extremely compatible,” said another source.

According to New Idea magazine the duo have been making an effort to meet up every time they are in the same city and Costner has invited Reese to his 65-acre home in Aspen, Colorado.

Costner and Reese low key dating

The couple are expected to be very low key about their relationship though as they have both been in the limelight for their divorces.

Kevin wants more Oscars for this, not tabloid headlines. He and Reese are always careful to not be seen together as soon as his Horizon commitments are done, they may be more relaxed about being seen together in public. It’s still very early days,” said the source.

Costner is currently working on a new film Horizon. It is a two-part American epic which he produced, directed and wrote. Also starring Sienna Miller, it is set in the pre-and post American Civil War period depicting the expansion of the American west.

The Yellowstone actor just got through his divorce from Christine Baumgartner with an agreement to pay $63,000 a month in child support for his three children as opposed to the original amount she was seeking which was $248,000. Costner also has three grown-up children from a previous marriage.

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