Could Justin Bieber be a fan of Korean boy band BTS?

Could Justin Bieber be a fan of Korean boy band BTS?

Canadian singer has congratulated the group, saying they are "killing it" (doing very well)

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K-pop boy band BTS is arguably one of the most popular music groups out there so it is safe to say that even big name celebrities are its fans.

Some of them include talk show host Jimmy Fallon, wrestler John Cena and Fault In Our Stars star Ansel Elgort.

Recently, Canadian singer Justin Bieber uploaded a video on TikTok that had a “fan chant” of BTS. Could he be one of the fans of BTS? This question was posed on on Tuesday (April 14).

The song Spring Break was played while Bieber mouthed a BTS fan chant, naming all the members of the K-pop group. Bieber and BTS also communicated via Twitter before that.

According to, it appears that Bieber did not know what he was singing, that he was mouthing BTS.

This is not the first time Bieber has botched words to be funny. For example there was the Depacito song, which he called Dorito. He has, nevertheless, shown admiration for BTS on Twitter, congratulating the group and saying that they are “killing it” (doing very well).

Bieber made it a point to wish Jungkook on his birthday in September last year.

Justin Bieber wished Jungkook of BTS a happy birthday on Twitter. Picture: Instagram

However, the feelings between Bieber and members of BTS are mutual. The latter listen to Bieber, too. In fact, BTS shared with The Hollywood Reporter last October that they listened to Bieber as they were growing up.

V, a BTS member, has been shown playing Intentions in the background on Twitter. V shared that he likes the song. The post showed him signing autographs while singing to Intentions. V was seen wearing a face mask due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The post gained 2 million likes in weeks.

Although Bieber and BTS are fans of each other, it has not been reported that they have met before. Fans of both artistes have shown interest for them to collaborate. /TISG

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