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Cyndi Wang responds to netizen who said she is past her prime





Taiwanese singer recently went online for an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session as part of the promotion for her latest album My! Cyndi!, where netizens were urged to ask her questions. Netizens can be quite nasty at times when they have a chance to say something online. will be three more years before Cyndi can do a#TwentyYearChallenge where she can compare a photo from 20 years before with a current photo.

Cyndi, who debuted in the line in 2003 received a question, “What are your views on [being] past your ?”

Cyndi Wang has been in the showbiz industry for more than a decade. Picture:

Thankfully, Cyndi took the question in her stride and the 38-year-old actress-singer answered the question wisely, proving that she is a class act.

“I feel like I’m at a peak [in my career] right now. Take this moment for example, I’m doing this interview ‘cos I’ve carefully selected the best [questions]. Right now, I’m a female singer who has been for 17, going on 18 years, and I’ll continue doing so. My told me that if I were to continue and  till I’m 80, they’ll continue to watch me too, but in my , can they bear to do that [to me]? To have to continue singing and even when I’m 80!” she laughed.

The star then went on to answer more questions, revealing more about herself. When asked what’s the “craziest thing she’s ever done”, she said it was releasing three albums, two different dramas and going to the States to fulfill her wish of studying overseas all in 2005.

Cyndi revealed her biggest regret in which is being unable to see her kids bonding together with her beloved pet , Pluto who died in January this year.

“When I was younger, I thought that I’d get married and have kids by the time I’m 28, but right now, I feel that when it comes to things like fate, it’s hard to say, and plan for,” she said, adding that she’s still grieving the loss of Pluto.



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