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Dad shows son how to open gifts ‘correctly’. Video is hilariously adorable

Did the kid's laughter make you smile too?




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, Dec. 27 — Are you someone carefully removes a wrapper covering a box, neatly fold , and then concentrate on opening your ? If so, this may be hard for you to watch. However, if you still decide to stick around, the adorableness clip may ultimately leave you with a smile. And, if you’re someone tears the wrapper off of a , then this clip may speak to your soul.

“Showing my son how to open a ,” reads the caption shared alongside the video. We won’t give away much, take a look yourself to know the way this dad opens a .

Did the kid’s laughter make you smile too? Then you’re not alone. While commenting several people shared that the video had the same effect on them.

Since being shared some 20 hours ago, it has gathered close to 60,000 upvotes and the numbers are increasing.

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“Babies are like cats. The boxes are way better than whatever is inside. When my son was about that age, his aunt sent him some gifts. He took all of the wrapped gifts out of the box. ‘Oh, thank you!’ as he took the box to his room to play with it,” shared a .

An individual commented, “THANK YOU. Gifts should be opened with JOY. I live with someone who tries to save and folds wrapping paper for “next time”. It makes me hate opening anything. The laughter in this video is perfect.”

What do you think of the clip?

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