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DAP’s Ronnie Lui free after questioning on alleged insult against thai King

The has urged the and Facebook account holders being investigated to come forward




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freed the Sungai Pelek assemblyman Ronnie Liu on bail, was earlier arrested, for allegedly insulting the of Thailand after questioning today.

The police are also investigating four and Twitter media account owners for the same allegations.

Liu, a DAP member, is being investigated in connection with posts made on social media. The content of the posts have allegedly seditious tendencies.

Liu was arrested at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters on Wednesday morning (Oct 28).

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He is among four individuals are under investigation over allegations they insulted .

The post that got Liu arrested is believed to be the one on Oct 21 with the heading: “Now In Bangkok, They Are Saying No To The King”.

The police are also investigating other Facebook and Twitter social media account owners for insulting the King of .

One case is about an insulting statement on a Twitter account and another account is investigated for disputing a .

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The video is uploaded on the official Twitter page of the National Council (NSC).

The police seized the equipment used in the instances.

Stern action would be taken against those involved in incidents where they incited others to insult the King.

The authorities are also tracking down all the suspected individuals and urged them to come forward.

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“The police urges Malaysians to always appreciate the principle of Rukun Negara, which is loyalty to the king and the country to avoid the tendency to incite the king or the ,” a police statement says.

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