A married couple, accused of adopting stolen identities from deceased infants and living undercover for decades, found themselves under the spotlight.

Deceased infants identity thieves

Walter Glenn Primrose and Gwynn Darle Morrison stand accused of being the true identities of the couple who have, for years, passed as Bobby Fort and Julie Montague.

It’s alleged that Primrose served over two decades in the Coast Guard under the name Bobby Fort, where he even obtained secret-level security clearance. Upon his retirement in 2016, he reportedly used this clandestine clearance for his work as a defense contractor.

As the trial commenced, the presiding judge referred to the accused by their preferred aliases of Fort and Montague, even though they have now chosen to represent themselves, with legal counsel available if required.

 Stealing identities because of debt

In the prosecutor’s opening statement, Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Muehleck provided a grim picture of the case, noting that the real Bobby Fort had been deceased for over half a century, and the baby Julie Montague, who lived for a mere three months, had suffered from health issues.

It was revealed that the couple had been married twice, once under their real names and later using their stolen identities. They had attended the same Texas high school, and a former classmate who remained in contact with them recalled that they had stayed with him for a period and discussed altering their identities to escape substantial debt.

The discovery

The alleged deception came to a head in 2020 when a fraud program manager at the U.S. National Passport Center stumbled upon a shocking revelation. The manager discovered that Fort’s passport had been issued based on a Social Security number belonging to someone 20 years old, a sharp contrast to the typical infant applicants.

Subsequently, the manager unearthed Fort’s death certificate, leading to a scrutiny of Montague’s passport, also linked to an older Social Security number.

As this gripping trial unfolds, the world waits with bated breath, eager to uncover the full extent of this astonishing identity theft saga.

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