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Deepening silence is not buying time for Muhyiddin

The week starts with silence from Putrajaya and the Istana Negara but cracks in the could be harder for Muhyiddin to seal




The deepening silence from Putrajaya mainly from the Prime Minister’s office is not helping PM .

Albeit, the silence from the Palace is also not helping the PM as well.

Instead, the flurry of statements and the open challenge of his leadership from members of Umno is disheartening.

The Umno is loud and clear that wants more in its collaboration with the Bersatu in .

The Bersatu is the party of Muhyiddin Yassin and has fewer MPs than the Umno.

This has given the Umno a reason to ask for more than what Muhyiddin has granted it since the formation of the PN government in February.

LOSS OF MAJORITY On the other hand, a letter from the Umno MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is a massive blow to the PM.

The letter addressed to the Speaker of the House (Parliament) urges the Speaker to allow no-confidence motion.

Many now believe speculations that Muhyiddin’s government has lost its majority appear credible.

They also believe there is pressure on the Umno to reveal are the MPs supporting Anwar Ibrahim.

The latter on Friday revealed he was put under pressure by the to reveal the names. He refused to say this is a matter between him and the .

Putrajaya, it seems, is working from behind the scenes, pressuring parties and MPs in a bid to force them to crack. Or in a bid to get them to reveal those are against the PM.

It is possible to believe that a number of Umno MPs are not in favour of Muhyiddin.

But the Speaker’s refusal to allow a no-confidence before the Budget 2021 speech in November is cracking the government.

ANWAR’S SD On the other hand, Anwar has given the Statutory Declarations signed by Party leaders who supports him.

The SDs show he has the of a large number of MPs in Parliament. He expects the Agong to confirm and scrutinise the numbers when he meets the party leaders.

But their meeting with the Agong is postponed indefinitely.

Bloomberg says the Palace rebuffed Anwar’s claim he had a convincing majority.

The news portal reports the Palace letter saying Anwar did not back up his claim with the names of MPs did not get the King to believe him.

Bloomberg also says a sign is the King did not make reference to interviewing MPs. For the King to know their stance, he is supposed to interview them MPs who support Anwar.

Though this is disputed by many analysts who say it is not a normal practice, the King did interview MPs after Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s resignation.


A letter from the Palace urging calm after Anwar Ibrahim’s audience with the King raised many questions.

South China Morning Post asked whether the Malaysian king is taking sides in the current political turmoil?

It says the Sultan’s statement on Friday has split political analysts on what the king’s intentions were with the statement.

The King made a call to politicians to end the country’s power struggles. Netizens were also frantic over the letter.



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