Democrat bigwigs like Obama abandon candidates in lead up to crucial American midterm elections

An op-ed in The Hill by former congressional aide Brent Budowsky said that bigwigs from the Democratic Party, including former President Barack Obama, have “remained virtually silent and politically AWOL in the great battle for the future of America in the midterm elections.”

The writer claimed that Obama seems more interested in giving “lavishly compensated speeches to big banks and other special interests to enrich himself”, instead of defending the Democrats cause.

Republicans bigwigs on the hand, have been actively supporting their candidates for the midterm elections. President Donald Trump came to the state of Montana last week to personally give his support to a Republican Senate candidate there. He has also personally endorsed other Republican candidates like Kevin Cramer and Kelly Armstrong from North Dakota.

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Besides Trump other Republican Party bigwigs like Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue have also been actively supporting their candidates for the midterm elections.

The absence of the support of Democratic bigwigs (besides former Vice President Joe Biden) for their candidates, especially when they have found themselves to be targets of Republican jabs has raised many questions.

“No Hillary Clinton? No Barack Obama? Where are they?”

Budowsky suggests in his op-ed, “At a time of crisis for the country, candor and truth are called for (and so) Obama should stand up”.