Wednesday, June 29, 2022
EntertainmentCelebrityDenise Keller gives birth to baby girl

Denise Keller gives birth to baby girl

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Former MTV Asia VJ, celebrity host and yoga instructor Denise Keller has just given birth to a baby girl. She shared photographs of her contractions and a picture of her holding her bundle of joy on Instagram on May 18.

The 40-year-old who revealed her pregnancy in November last year is married to Robert Gaxiola, 51.

Keller has been open about her pregnancy journey sharing her baby’s development on social media including a gender reveal in February. She also posted about yoga stretches that helped her and her decision to hire a doula.

“No matter what your plan is—a home water birth, a hospital birth with an epidural, an unmedicated hospital birth, a planned cesarean, or otherwise-a professional doula can provide you with one-on-one personalised care during this transformative experience,” she shared.

“Doulas not only help you move through labour; they also provide critical support and guidance through those pivotal first hours with your baby.”

Keller has indeed been busy as after leaving the television network she has her production house, KellerMedia and an e-commerce site.

In an interview with Yahoo during her pregnancy earlier Keller spoke about wanting to give her child exposure to many cultures.

“My late German father was very relaxed about stuff and loved to travel and experience new things. Being a Eurasian, I would like to expose our child to as many cultures and life experiences as much as possible. My husband is equally worldly, so we both agree with laying down some foundations and roots with fluidity.”

She also spoke about how excited she was to become a mother.

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“Motherhood is an exciting time for me. I feel so blessed to be a first-time mother and I cherish every step of the journey.”

She said that she would continue to work on smaller projects but would be focusing on her family more during the same interview.



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