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Deputy CM calls for return of ‘financial rights’ to Sabah to resolve worsening floods in state

If the federal gives us our financial rights, our revenue rights, maybe we would have enough funds to solve some of these (flood) problems, says Jeffrey




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KOTA KINABALU — Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Jeffrey Kitingan wants the federal to channel more funding for major developments in to help resolve the worsening floods.

In a statement released here yesterday, the and Minister said that while the state has the to do many things, funding for major developments still depends on the federal government.

“If the federal government gives us our financial , our revenue , maybe we would have enough funds to solve some of these (flood) problems.

“For example, to return 40 per cent of Sabah’s net revenue to the state as stated in Schedule 10, Article 112 of the Federal Constitution, collect 5 per cent sales on petroleum products in Sabah, and perhaps even give us their share of 5 per cent cash payment which they had been receiving under the Petroleum Development Act 1974.

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“These extra monies would add to our capacity to deal with this (flood). Otherwise, we will forever be asking for to solve our problems,” he said.

Jeffrey visited some of the places affected by floods following heavy downpour on Monday and received a briefing on site from the Department of Drainage and Irrigation director Jeffrey Ng.

Jeffrey said he is satisfied that works are being done to alleviate the problem with a comprehensive plan worth RM3 billion already in place.

“We need to do this comprehensively, not bits and pieces because if you do so, you will be chasing the problem rather than confronting it,” he said.

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Among the areas visited was Tenghilan town, about 55 km from Kota Kinabalu, which had been hit hard by the Monday flooding.

Shopowners were seen still struggling to clean their respective shops after almost three feet in some areas.

Jeffrey said this was the second time the town was flooded this month and department officers would be investigating the source upstream to find out the cause.

“The villagers were really affected by this. They lost their businesses; some of their electrical appliances were damaged. They didn’t tell me how much they have incurred, but I pity them because even now, they cannot run their businesses properly as they are still busy up,” he said. – Borneo Post Online

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