NewsRon DeSantis launch marred by serious technical glitches?

Ron DeSantis launch marred by serious technical glitches?

Amidst a series of technical malfunctions, Ron DeSantis finally said — “I am running for president of the United States to lead our great American comeback.” Unfortunately, by then, thousands of viewers have already given up and turned off their monitors.

DeSantis Campaign Gone Wrong?

When Musk extended an invitation to Gov. Ron DeSantis to announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election on Twitter space, it was perceived to be a win-win scenario for the eccentric billionaire and the presidential aspirant.

For Musk, this opportunity appeared to be an effortless victory in his endeavor to transform Twitter into a prominent public forum, particularly one that appeals to right-wing individuals who boast excessively and surpasses the influence of Fox News.

As for DeSantis, it seemed like a chance to create a noteworthy moment in political history, display his technological proficiency, and taunt his competitor, Donald Trump.

Furthermore, DeSantis could preside over discussions in an audio-only format without the need to engage with real individuals, which is known to be his weakness.

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However, what liberals have pictured as the ultimate alliance between two adversaries of woke culture, turned out to be as threatening as a wet dishcloth.

Blanks windows, technical glitches

The website groaned and strained under the overwhelming demand from over half a million users.

The moderator, David Sacks, a Republican donor and a friend of Musk, attempted to find a positive aspect amidst the chaos, saying, “We have so many people here that we are putting a strain on the servers, which is actually a good sign.”

This incident dealt a fresh blow to Musk’s reputation, as his Tesla brand has recently lost its appeal, and after having let go of numerous Twitter staff members, it appeared as if he was facing some form of divine retribution from the technology gods.

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For DeSantis, it was an even greater political catastrophe (allegedly), as his entire candidacy relied on the notion that he is a proficient leader in Florida who pays attention to details.

Quickly and with entertaining mockery, the expression “Failure to Launch” was trending on Twitter itself, as one headline splashed: “Ron’s Desaster.” A Trump campaign spokesperson said: “Glitchy. Tech issues. Uncomfortable silences. A complete failure to launch. And that’s just the candidate!”

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