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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis quits the race on Sunday, throwing his weight behind former President Donald Trump. The announcement revealed DeSantis’ acknowledgment of the prevailing desire among Republican primary voters to see Trump back in the ring.

“I signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee, and I will honor that pledge,” declared DeSantis, emphasizing his commitment to party unity.

In a message to key backers, he cited the lackluster results in Iowa, where he secured a distant second-place finish, as the primary reason for his decision.

DeSantis quits

Sources close to DeSantis revealed that the decision to quit was influenced by an adviser who urged him to “swallow the shit sandwich whole rather than chew it in small bites.”

Despite attempts to maintain control of his narrative, DeSantis faced the inevitable reality that his campaign was on life support. Faced with dwindling funds and diminishing poll numbers, he decided to end his bid.

DeSantis failed to gain the momentum needed to stay in the race. His departure reshapes the Republican primary into a showdown between Trump and Haley as the New Hampshire primary looms large on Tuesday.

In response to the announcement of DeSantis suspending his presidential campaign, Nikki Haley wittily remarked, “May the best woman win.”

Addressing the crowd, Haley acknowledged DeSantis’s efforts, stating, “He ran a commendable race, has served as a capable governor, and we extend our best wishes to him. However, with his departure, we’re now left with one gentleman and one lady in the race.”


Expressing gratitude for the endorsement, Trump conveyed in a statement shared with Fox News Digital, “I am truly honored to receive his endorsement. I eagerly anticipate collaborating with him to defeat Joe Biden, who, in my view, stands as the most inept and corrupt president in our nation’s history.”

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