EntertainmentCelebrityDesmond Tan, Singaporean actor gets robbed in Italy

Desmond Tan, Singaporean actor gets robbed in Italy

Desmond Tan, a Singaporean actor, has reportedly been robbed while travelling in Italy. The 36-year-old posted an Instagram story on Monday (December 12) sharing that his backpack was stolen while he was on a train. He lost his laptop, cash and some other items in the robbery.

“My backpack just got stolen from me in a train in Italy. Just want to send a reminder to folks who are travelling during this period to be extremely careful,” he posted.

Desmond Tan asked his followers who’ve had a similar experience to share their advice on what he should do when he makes a police report and how he should proceed.

Prior to the robbery, a couple of hours earlier Tan had uploaded a series of photos at the Milan Cathedral. The actor is visiting the city for the first time and he is travelling with his wife. In December 2021, the couple got married in France.

Desmond Tan posted a note on Instagram Stories to thank his followers for sending him encouragement, advice and prayers on Wednesday.

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He said he and his wife were safe and unharmed, adding: “We are trying our best to put this incident behind us and focus on the rest of our vacation. We live to learn, that’s life.”

He also shared more photos from Milan and added: “Looking forward to only sharing happy moments from now on.”

This is not the first time Tan has been robbed while on holiday. Back in March 2020, he was in Bali attending a friend’s wedding when he was robbed of his phone. Tan was on a motorcycle with a friend and they were ambushed by four men on two motorbikes.

One of them grabbed his phone and they fled. It was Tan’s first time being robbed and he wanted to give chase, but his friend told him to let it go

Desmond Tan said he sped up to give chase but his friend stopped him from taking things further.

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He shared that he was blessed to have walked away from that incident without any injuries. “It could be worse,” he wrote in his post, adding that he had chosen to forgive the robbers.

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