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Despite ‘backdoor govt’ label, survey shows 53pc Malaysians see Perikatan as country’s saviour, says Emir Research

The research also found that more rural dwellers than urbanites agree that the GE14 has led to a fall in Malay political power




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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov. 3 — A research found that despite the label of a “backdoor ”, 55 per cent of Malaysians think the formation of the Perikatan Nasional (PN) has been the country’s saviour.

Emir Research said that a study conducted recently showed only 9 per cent of those polled doubted the saviour role of PN.

“Slightly more than half of Malaysians (53 per cent) have faith that the PN government has the ability to solve national problems.

“Only 7 per cent does not have faith,” Emir Research said in its findings released yesterday.

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Emir Research is led by Datuk Rais Hussin, the Parti Pribumi Bersatu supreme council member was recently appointed as Digital Corporation chairman.

The research titled “Pulse From the Ground: Emir Research Quarterly Poll for Third Quarter 2020 (Part 1)” found that Bumiputera of and are the biggest supporters of the PN government.

“They (74 per cent) have an unshakeable faith in the current government’s ability to solve national issues.

“In terms of strengthening the dominance of Malays in , the majority of Malays are of the that the coalition between and PAS, Muafakat Nasional is able to ensure Islam rights are taken care of (59 per cent),” the research revealed.

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The research was done among others to assess the perceived direction of the country and living conditions among the people.

However Emir Research noted that the focus group discussions (FGDs) were conducted in July, and the survey was done in August, therefore the poll does not take into account the latest developments in the country which include the surge in Covid-19 cases, the call for a state of to be declared which was denied by the Yang di-Pertuan .

Under the category of rural dwellers, the research found that this community appears to be on the current government’s side as 67 per cent supported the formation of the PN government, while a lower share of 51 per cent among the urbanites felt otherwise.

In terms of solving national problems, 66 per cent of rural folks think the PN government has that ability, while 48 per cent urbanites have the same opinion.

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“Majority of rural dwellers feel the coalition between Umno and PAS would strengthen the rights of the Malays and Islam (64 per cent) whereas only 46 per cent of urbanites share the same view.

The research also found that more rural dwellers than urbanites agree that the GE14 has led to a fall in Malay political .

In terms of age perspective, Emir Research found that those in the older age groups show stronger for the formation of the PN government with 31 to 40-years-old accounting for 60 per cent, 41 to 50 at 62 per cent, as well as those aged 51 and above at 62 per cent.

“The older aged Malaysians think the coalition between Umno and PAS would ensure the rights of the Malays and Islam are maintained with those aged between 41 and 50 registering the highest share of 57 per cent.

“The unity between Malay political parties also seems to play a big part in strengthening rakyat’s confidence among those aged 51 and above, showing 53 per cent agreed to this sentiment,” said Emir Research.

In late February, then PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali led 10 MPs to leave the party to support PN, triggering one of the country’s worst political crises and shortening the rule of PH, the coalition he helped put in power.

In March, Tan Sri Yassin, after Istana Negara said he had the majority support compared to other candidates, was sworn in as prime minister, following the fall of the administration.

He now leads the PN government, together with former political enemies Umno and PAS.For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at contentservices@htlive.comCopyright 2017 Online

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