Thursday, October 6, 2022
Did Kylie Jenner's young daughter Stormi ask for a Hermes Birkin bag?

Did Kylie Jenner’s young daughter Stormi ask for a Hermes Birkin bag?

One netizen says child was obsessed with the Bergens in the movie Trolls

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What one usually gets for Christmas is something affordable like chocolates, perfume or socks. However, when it comes to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, things are obviously a little different.

Netizens had a meltdown when they heard 22-month-old Stormi Webster (who Kylie Jenner shares with Travis Scott) say “Birkin” when her mother told her there was a surprise waiting for her. Did Stormi really mean a Hermes Birkin bag, which usually costs around £13,000 (S$23,000) or more?

For her Christmas present, Stormi got a massive, custom playhouse from Kris Jenner and it seemed like it was not what the tot expected.

A Twitter user wrote that he could stop thinking about Kylie Jenner telling her daughter that she had a surprise for her and the child responding with “Birkin”. He added that he almost got into a car accident while thinking about it.

Another netizen responded with a more realistic answer to Stormi’s statement, saying the child was obsessed with the movie Trolls. Bergens are the villains in the movie.

Stormi’s Christmas present was widely discussed on the Internet. Picture: Instagram

That explanation makes more sense since little Stormi is obsessed with the movie Trolls.

Bergens are a race of creatures that eat the Trolls, according to the Trolls Fandom page. Bergens are giants, ogre-like and are usually covered in moles and have broken teeth. Why would Stormi expect them for Christmas since they are the villains of the cartoon?

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