Health & FitnessHow to discuss menstruation with your teen; expert offers tips

How to discuss menstruation with your teen; expert offers tips

Delhi — Parents and children may feel awkward when discussing sensitive topics like mensuration, but it is crucial to provide them with accurate information.

Your children will be able to make better health decisions if you help them understand their bodies. When a girl gets her first period, many of them are not familiar with the menstruation process.

If women were given the right information in school, they would experience fewer period issues. According to UNESCO “2.3 crore girls drop out of school at the onset of their periods and 71% of adolescent girls in India remain unaware of menstruation till they get their first period.”

To help your kids feel more independent and secure when they start menstruating, it is crucial to teach and inform them about the menstruation process. (Also read: Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022: 5 common menstruation myths busted by expert )

Menstrual Cycle Coach, Jema Lee, suggested ways by which you can create menstrual cycle awareness for teens in her recent Instagram post.

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1. Be honest

It’s not about “having the talk”. Be transparent and open about all of their questions. Create a safe space to ask questions.

2. Early body conversations

Start body talk conversations from a young age. If you already have a teen or tween, start a conversation about their body.

3. Learn more yourself

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Discover the cycle for yourself as a parent (father or mother). Self-knowledge is also an important aspect of wise parenting. Educate yourself first regarding the menstrual process and then teach your children.

4. Celebrate their menarche transition

A dinner date, special day together, menstrual gift bag, ritual celebration with dance and chanting, getting ears pierced etc. Make it celebrated!

5. Be prepared

Help them be prepared. Get them a menstrual bag, ask them what menstrual products they’d like to explore and stock them up on menstrual underwear.

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