Wednesday, June 29, 2022
InternationalDisney employee ruins marriage proposal by snatching ring from park guest in...

Disney employee ruins marriage proposal by snatching ring from park guest in midst of proposal

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Disneyland may be a joyful place for most people but one person received a rude shock when his marriage proposal was interrupted with a lecture about rules.

A video capturing the incident has gone viral drawing brickbats from people all over the world. The clip depicts the man getting down on one knee on a platform at Disneyland Paris with a ring in his hand to propose.

Just at that very moment, a Disney employee barges in, snatches the ring out of the guy’s hands and tells them to get off the platform. The man who is proposing says something to the Disney employee but to no avail as he insists they move away from the stage.

“Yes, that’s great, but over here is going to be even better,” he says chirpily as he shoos them away.

The video which was posted on Reddit bears the following caption;

”POS destroyed my best friend’s moment. He asked for permission beforehand,” reads the title of the now-viral video, which was apparently posted by the guy’s friend.

The whole episode has stunned people as they call out the employee for his stupidity and overzealousness.

“Did he really take the ring out of his hand???,” said mintjulep30.

“I feel like Disney would give him a promotion for sacrificing his humanity in service of the mouse overlord,” joked another user.

Others joke about extra charges at the park.

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“Their admission pass didn’t include the $149 optional ‘Proposal Photograph’ fee,” said another user.

Some netizens were even calling for the employee to be dismissed for being so obsessive about the rules without any sense of wanting to do the right thing.

The incident is said to have taken place on May 21 and Disneyland Paris park has since apologized.

“We regret how this was handled. We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right,” said Disney to Newsweek and others.

The man who proposed also spoke about the entire event to the New York Times but asked them not to reveal his name.

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“My mind was empty,” he said referring to the moment the ring was snatched out of his hands.


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