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‘Disturbing and disrespectful’ Christmas ornaments with Auschwitz images removed from Amazon

All the products displayed scenes from the Nazi death camp where people were slaughtered during the Holocaust in War II.




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Poland’s Memorial called out on Twitter, alerting the e-commerce company that certain sellers were displaying Christmas ornaments featuring images from concentration camps, which they deemed to be “disturbing and disrespectful”.

After Amazon pulled the ornaments from its site, similar Auschwitz-themed products by other sellers were also discovered in the online shop.

On December 1, tweeted that there were suppliers on Amazon selling such items —Christmas ornaments in the shapes of stars and bells, and bottle openers.

In the tweet, they also called on Amazon to remove the items.

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All the products displayed scenes from the Nazi death camp where people were slaughtered during the Holocaust in War II.

Images from Auschwitz including the railway line leading to its infamous gates, the barbed wire fences and the buildings where people were kept were printed on the items.

Christmas ornaments should reflect the spirit of Christmas, not scenes from one of the most devastating mass killings in history.

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users were up in arms at the disrespectful merchandise, and many commented that they, too, reported the products to Amazon for immediate removal.

Some attacked the sellers of the items, but some said the blame is on Amazon for not having “content oversight” or quality control.

Later that day, Auschwitz Memorial posted an update saying that Amazon had pulled the items, thanking everyone for their “activity and response”.

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But was not over. That night, Auschwitz Memorial took to Twitter again to report that they had found another “disturbing online product” from another seller.

This time it was a computer mouse-pad with a photo of a freight train used to take people to concentration camps.

Amazon has since said the “products in question have been removed”.

The e-commerce giant reiterated that “all sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those do not will be subject to action, including potential removal of their account”. /TISG

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