Entertainment Dog working hard on 'doggy paddle' gets spooked by crab. Watch viral...

Dog working hard on ‘doggy paddle’ gets spooked by crab. Watch viral clip

Dog doing 'doggy paddle' gets startled by crab, video goes viral

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India — Do you love seeing the hilariously adorable clips featuring dogs? Are you looking for such a video? Then, this clip of a dog getting spooked by a crab may just do the trick. There is a possibility that the video will not only leave you chuckling but also make you say “Aww”.

Shared on Instagram page of the dog named Hudson B. Mason, whose profile says he is “The goodest golden good boy,” the video is too cute to handle.

“Was working really hard on my doggy paddle until a crab spooked me!” reads the caption shared along with the video.

Take a look:


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A post shared by Hudson B. Mason (@hudsonbegood)

Since being posted nearly eight hours ago, the video has gathered more than 23,000 views. It has also been shared by many across different social media platforms.

People posted all sorts of comments while reacting to the video. Many wrote about the adorableness of the whole affair. A few also shared laughing out loud emojis.

“Darn crab,” wrote an Instagram user. “Awww,” shared another. “So cute,” expressed a third.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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