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Dog’s reaction on being asked ‘who chewed the headset’ will crack you up. Watch




, Oct. 7 — Won’t we all agree that every is adorable and absolutely perfect? , at times they can chew up random things at your house or go for that Olympic-level run every time they find the door open, you’ll still love your to the moon and back. And, these occasional – or frequent – derpy actions of the canines make for the best videos ever. Just like this clip which shows a named Riley’s reaction on being asked ‘ chewed the headset.’

“Who is guilty,” reads the caption of the shared on . The clip shows an individual asking the dog about a headset which has been chewed. ’s the expression of the canine, specially the movements of its eyes which have now cracked people up.

Check out the . There’s a chance that ’ll leave you laughing out loud.

Since being shared, the post has received all sorts of reactions. There were many who simply shared laughing out loud or heart emojis to show their reaction to the video.

An individual tried guessing the dog’s perspective and wrote, “Dog: It totally wasn’t me at all.” Another user of commented, “He is too cute.” There were many who seconded this thought.

“The work and the smile are priceless. Mine just faces away or head down,” commented another.

What do you think of this hilariously adorable video?

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