politicsDonald Trump unleashed baseless claims on Truth Social

Donald Trump unleashed baseless claims on Truth Social

Donald Trump’s activity on Truth Social indicates that he hasn’t changed with his baseless claims on Truth Social, his own social network platform.

He continues to assert speculative claims about the 2020 elections and other personalities surrounding his political life.

Now that the sanctions have been lifted and he can once again say what he wants to say, it seems Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have something to worry about.

Baseless Claims

For a second, let’s forget about the assertions on election fraud and amplified content related to the QAnon conspiracy and read some recent posts.

At first glance, they may not cause a riot (like the January 6 incident), nonetheless, the baseless claims do not speak well of someone who wants to lead again the American people:

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“So Crooked HILLARY Clinton’s lawyer, from the biggest of all Democrat law firms, and which is headed up by Chuck Schumer’s brother, is put into the Manhattan District Attorneys Office in order to dredge up bull…. to PROSECUTE “TRUMP.” A TOTALLY CORRUPT WEAPONIZATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT BY THE DEMOCRATS, RUN DIRECTLY BY THE DEPARTMENT OF INJUSTICE (D.C.), WHO HAVE IMPLANTED THEIR OWN PEOPLE INTO THAT OFFICE. In the meantime, record-breaking murders and violent crimes are not even being looked at!”

What about this?

“I found John Bolton to be one of the dumbest people in Government but, I am proud to say, I used him well. A total & unhinged WARMONGER, the red faced “boiler ready to explode” was one of those very stupid voices that got us into the Middle East quicksand. Seven Trillion Dollars, & Millions of deaths later, NOTHING! The good news is that I won big negotiations with this moron by my side. When I brought him into a room with hostile foreign leaders, they thought I was going to war, CONCEEDED ALL!”

Meta’s community standards on bullying and harassment prohibit “calling for, or making statements of intent to engage in, bullying and/or harassment”. If Trump repeats these types of Truth Social posts on Facebook and Instagram, or on Twitter, then another ban – or at least the pressure to impose one – is definitely coming.

Now, will be up in arms against Trump for spreading baseless claims?

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