Following her daughter’s social media disclosure of her mother’s struggle with an uncommon, uninsured form of pneumonia, an astounding 8,319 donors came together to help Olympic star Mary Lou Retton. They donated an astounding $459,324 in just three months.

This heartfelt show of camaraderie is made all the more mysterious by the fact that, despite Sports’ best efforts to find answers via texts and phone calls, there are still unanswered questions.

Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton, 55, is avoiding queries about her insurance, finances, and hospital specifics to stay quiet about her recent health issue. As her daughters use to raise money from the general public, the mystery grows and exposes a private situation that might have remained under wraps.

Retton Silent

“When Covid hit and after my divorce (in 2018), and all my pre-existing (conditions) — I’ve had over 30 operations of orthopedic stuff — I couldn’t afford it,” Retton said in response to an NBC question about why she wasn’t covered by health insurance.

She then exclaimed; “But who would even know that this was going to happen to me?” and further continued regarding her health insurance “I’m all set now,” she said, attesting to her current health insurance. “Yes, indeed.” an article from USAToday mentioned.

Kellyed said; “Due to her medical history and the amount of surgeries she has endured from gymnastics and just life, it’s unaffordable for her.”

During the pandemic, Olympic champion Mary Lou Retton—who was renowned for her extraordinary gymnastic feats—had to give up her health insurance.

Two policies, costing $545 and $680 a month, were recently discovered by a Sports insurance agent, and they were ideal for someone with Retton’s medical history.

Unfortunately, Retton had to give up her insurance because the pandemic forced her to take a two-year break from speaking engagements and employment. The unexpected turn of events highlights the unanticipated difficulties that even the most well-known athletes are facing in these turbulent times.

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