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Don’t sleep in class as video shows a Chinese teacher viciously thrashing a student

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Although corporal punishment has been prohibited in China since 1986, many schools still use it.

It’s not every day that a video of a cranky teacher from a Chinese school becomes a viral hit.

But this teacher made it to China’s infamous hall of fame.

In the video (above), the teacher can be seen trashing the student who is on the floor, and despite the fact that the person capturing the situation is far away, the teacher can be seen beating the unfortunate student with a stick or rotan.

The pupil screams and struggles against the teacher, and they both tumble to the ground in a display of the action’s intensity.

The teacher is seen seizing the youngster by his hair and shaking him awake in another video that has gone viral on Chinese video-sharing platform Douyin.

The teacher then throws him to the ground and begins kicking him.

It can be said that the teacher is not going soft on the poor student and his actions has earned the latter the sympathy of the netizens who condemned both the teacher and the authorities.

Mr Ma, the teacher, is then seen bringing Liu to the classroom door and kicking him out.

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The school took no action against the teacher at first, and he continued to teach at the school for the next few days.

Following online criticism for his lack of action, the local administration announced on May 22 that the teacher had been reassigned to a non-teaching position.

Another case of teacher action

In the video here, a Chinese teacher is seen fighting back against a student. Reports say the teacher was suspended. This incident apparently took place in 2020 and the video shows the school teacher in a tangle with a young girl in class.


Here, a teacher is seen (in an incident dated 12 June 2017) beating his students for being late for class.

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The video shows seven university students lined up to receive punishment in class and the teacher, from China, used an iron stick to hit them on the hand.

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