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Dr Mahathir wants to make Pejuang kingmaker in GE15

Mahathir says he remains open to working with his former protege, but it was who appeared reluctant




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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov. 21 — Tun Mohamad believes his newly-formed party Parti Tanah Air could determine wins the upcoming general election as a third force between two sides with no clear advantage against one another.

The two-time former minister told Nikkei Asia that he intends to a “third force” that “might not be big, but can be the deciding factor.”

“Our experience is that although a party is small, when there are clashes between giants and none of them succeed, there is a role for a third force to determine which of the two should win,” he said in an exclusive interview with the paper.

The 95-year-old has suggested that he may still remain politically active despite saying he would stay out of the polls.

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He told Nikkei Asia that he may be “forced” to run again by his supporters on account of his “name recognition.”

“I’ve already stepped back, but people still come and consult me,” he said.

“If the party says I need to be a part of the leadership, I don’t think I can just dismiss them, that’s why I’m still active. But of course, for me, being active is very important for my .”

Dr Mahathir also spoke about Opposition Leader Datuk Seri .

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The Langkawi MP said he remains open to working with his former protege, but was Anwar who appeared reluctant.

“[Anwar] did not agree to this and ignored the fact that I can bring the of the Malays to the coalition,” he told the paper.

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