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Dr Siti Mariah urges Amanah members to stop attacking Anwar, saying focus should be on

On 's attack against Anwar, the Amanah member says the party does not agree with at all on this matter




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Vice President Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud says party members should stop attacking component partners in (PH) and focus their attention on PM instead.

She says the PM is clearly the enemy number one of the PH, not , who is the recipient of and personal from some Amanah sources.

“Some in Amanah supposedly us, but they attack the Keadilan. We have to remember, division will benefit the opponent, not us.

“When we do not agree with something, we hit at each other in a senseless manner. How can we say we are members of the Amanah?

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“If you want to attack someone, why not attack Muhyiddin, who is clearly our enemy? But we prefer to attack the people are with us,” Dr Siti Mariah says to JomChannel.

Independent ran a story last week on the attacks from Amanah against Anwar, the leader of the Keadilan and the chair of the PH coalition.

In our report we say the attacks were severe and came from some specific Amanah sources using to target Anwar.

Furthermore, the Seri Serdang State Assembly person stresses that hostility from the supporters of Anwar Ibrahim against Tun Mohamad should also stop.

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Supporters of Anwar are trolling Mahathir with attacks over his relinquishing the post of PM without consulting Anwar or the PH leaders.

They are also attacking Mahathir on his latest statement that Anwar is not giving him support, thus PH cannot retake the .

The negative reaction against Mahathir is surely both leaders further apart.

On the other hand, Dr Siti Mariah believes Mahathir has his own right whether or not he wants to support Anwar.

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“(He does not want to support) that is an option that he has, but Tun has his own followers and supporters. We cannot be hostile to Tun,” She insists.

But the former Head of the Amanah’s ’s wing or AWAN says, Anwar has the full support of Amanah.

She adds that although Amanah expressed support for Anwar and was not hostile to Mahathir; does not support the between them.

“We do not agree when Mahathir says negative things about Anwar. Our own leaders have expressed that they do not agree.

“At the same time, Anwar also disagreed with Tun and Tun’s criticism.

She says with the current situation in the PH and attacks against component parties is the work of people who want to divide the PH.

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