Drew Barrymore, known for her interest in beauty, firmly states her stance against undergoing plastic surgery. In an interview with PEOPLE, she expresses her commitment to avoiding any procedures: “I haven’t done anything, and I’m planning to stick to that for as long as I can.”

The actress shared that she has zero judgement for anyone doing anything. She makes it clear that although she doesn’t condemn anyone who choose to have such operations done, she doesn’t see herself taking that path. Humorously, she jests about envisioning herself resembling a leather bag in the future.

Photo: Instagram/Drew Barrymore

Barrymore: Fear of plastic surgery

Barrymore admits her reluctance towards plastic surgery stems from her fear of becoming fixated on it due to her addictive personality. She worries about falling into a pattern of continuously seeking alterations. Barrymore said she might continue to chase it, getting this and that done. Instead, she focuses on beauty products, sharing her favorites during her well-known #BeautyJunkieWeek on social media, emphasizing her genuine preference for skincare and hair care.

Despite dyeing her hair so frequently that she’s uncertain of her natural color, Barrymore remains untroubled by the aging process. She views it as a testament to life and promotes embracing it positively. She emphasizes that good health holds more significance than anything else, especially during challenging times, noting that having good health enables attention to other aspects of life, including beauty, but ultimately considers it the utmost priority.

Health is the main goal

In her words, Barrymore said that if one was alive, they are living and that’s a really good thing. To embrace aging is such positive, healthy messaging. She added that having good health is the main goal above all else.

When there is danger, health truly becomes more important than everything else, according to her. “You can concentrate on so many other things, including attractiveness, if your health is good. However, it is actually the most crucial factor of all.”

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