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A wife’s tries to kill her husband in Indonesia by hiring a hitman and using shamans and witchcraft

plotted the murder of the victims, Edi Chandra Purnama aka Pupung Sadili (54) and his son, M. Adi Pradana alias Dana (23) first via sorcery and when this didn't work she hired hitmen to do the job




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A woman hired a hitman to eliminate a husband and his son were opposed to the sale of a house to allow her to settle a billion Rupiah debt.

While in another case in Singapore, a man went on the Dark Web to hire a hitman to murder a boyfriend of his former lover in a staged car accident, in , the wife tried multiple ways to murder her husband, including the use of witchcraft and hiring a hitman.

Some of the ways she used to try and kill her husband and his son included employing black magicians known as bomoh or shamans in Indonesia and when this did not work she hired four hitmen to kill them.
(AK) plotted the murder of the victims, Edi Chandra Purnama aka Pupung Sadili (54) and his son, M. Adi Pradana alias Dana (23).
The planned murders in Sukabumi, Jawa Barat began when Aulia starting feeling hurt towards Eddie. Aulia hoped she could sell a house to repay debts worth Rp 10 billion.
But the husband rejected the idea, prompting the woman to seek help from a household assistant, Rodi to find a sorcerer in Yogyakarta. She thought by using witchcraft, they will be dead. She gave Rp40 million to Rodi to hire a bomoh, according to news reports.
Director of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Chief Commissioner Suyudi Ario Seto during a press conference at the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, South Jakarta, Friday, September 6, 2019 said Aulia also went to Yogyakarta with another suspect, Supriyanto alias AP.
When witchcraft did not kill Eddie and Dana, Aulia immediately turned to the second murder plan: Use of a firearm to shoot the victims.
Aulia again asked Rodi’s help to find a firearm as well as a contract killer. The second plan failed again because Aulia was unable to buy firearms worth Rp 50 million worth.
With this plan faltering, the woman thought of sleeping pills, getting a type of drug at a pharmacy in the Kalibata area, South Jakarta. But this too did not work.
During her interrogation, she claimed to have hired four people to kill the father and son at the victim’s house in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta on Aug, 25.
After the murder, the bodies of the two victims were placed in a car which was set on fire. The police found the burnt bodies in the burning Toyota shortly after residents of the area alerted them of a burning car.
Police say the two victims were murdered before their bodies were burnt. News reports say Aulia and a close relative drove the car from the murder scene to a petrol station where they bought gasoline.
They drove to another location where they set the car on fire to eliminate traces.
Police caught the perpetrators within 24 hours of finding the dead bodies. Police also say she paid Rp.500 million to the killers.
The investigation is ongoing. -/TISG
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