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Edison Chen celebrates wife’s birthday

He is no longer the bad boy and now he is a changed man. In fact, he has become quite the poster boy for family bliss.




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According to netizens, Hong Kong celebrity may not have aged gracefully but he has been enjoying family life. He is no longer the bad boy and now he is a changed man. In fact, he has become quite the poster boy for family bliss. Edison is no longer known for his testy temper and sex scandals. The 39-year-old is now known more for being a doting father and husband to the leading ladies in his life, supermodel Qin Shupei and their three-year-old daughter .

Edison always shares photos of their picture-perfect life in California. On August 11, the Hong Kong celebrity went on to celebrate Shupei’s 30th . He posted a sweet tribute to his ‘queen’.   Together with a polaroid photo of and Shupei with her cake, Edison wrote: “HAPPY TO MY QUEEN !!!!! WORDS CAN’T DESCRIBE BUT YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YA !!!”

Shupei is photographed floating on . Picture:

After that, Edison posted a stunning photo of Shupei floating in the dressed in a revealing swimsuit with a plunging neckline. “’S MY BIRTHDAY EVERYDAY WHEN THIS BIRTHDAY GIRL IS AROUND !!!! QUEEN SHUPEI !! ,” read the caption, which again, was written in all caps.

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In 2017, the couple tied the knot and welcomed Alaia the same year. Shupei also shared photos of the family-of-three’s simple celebration at home. Activities for the day included a fun day in the , a quiet home-cooked dinner before ending the day with another cake. It was really heartwarming to see Alaia sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Shupei.

Edison Koon-hei Chen was born on October 7 1980 and he is a Canadian-born Hong Kong actor, singer, rapper and fashion designer. In 1999, Edison made is debut in the Hong Kong industry and he released a number of Cantopop and Mandopop albums under the record company Emperor Entertainment Group before releasing his first hip-hop album in Cantonese with the critically acclaimed 2004 release of Please Steal This Album.

Following that, Edison then released the 2005 Cantonese hip-hop album Hazy: The 144 Hour Project and the 2007 Mandarin hip-hop album Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself. Edison publicly announced that he wanted to step away ‘indefinitely’ from the Hong Kong showbiz on February 21 2008 following a sex photo scandal in 2008 in which numerous photographs of his naked body and private parts, and those of several Hong Kong Chinese actresses, were published online.

He returned in 2010 but other than a brief cameo in the 2014 film Golden Chickensss, he did not make a complete comeback to the Hong Kong film industry until 2016. Musically, Chen has since cemented his place in Chinese hip-hop with his 2010 comeback album Confusion, in addition to several successful studio albums since then. /TISG

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