Asia Malaysia ‘Eeeee stupid’, Mahathir says about Najib in 1MDB scandal

‘Eeeee stupid’, Mahathir says about Najib in 1MDB scandal

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When it comes to ex-PM Najib Razak, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad does not mince words. This time, he branded the latter’s answer to the 1MDB debt repayment ‘stupid.’

Najib Razak’s allegation that public monies were not being used to pay off 1Malaysia Development Bhd debts and Mahathir called him “stupid” for that.

It was absurd, according to Dr Mahathir, for anybody to say that debts did not need to be paid back or that public money is not being used to pay the debts Najib is accused of making.

“I feel disgusted when I heard Najib say in Dewan Rakyat that the debt borne by the government does not have to be paid by the government.

“Eeeee bodohnya (so stupid). How can you borrow people’s money and don’t want to pay it back? Well, this is Najib. He doesn’t pay off his debt and he steals and then he gets into another debt.

“We had to pay off a lot of money to settle the debt including the interests which then caused the country to lose money… money that should’ve been used to develop the country.

Bizarre situation

“This is a bizarre situation and Najib is a bizarre person. He stole money in front of us and yet he said he didn’t do it,” Mahathir said in a speech during his visit to a farmers community in Johor.

Mahathir says Najib, who has been sentenced to 12 years in prison, has no shame.

“He has been sentenced to 12 years in prison but of course, Najib has no shame, which was why he keeps saying ‘malu apa bossku’ (what is there to be embarrassed about, boss).

“I think (even) if he (Najib) gets naked in public, he would feel no shame and it is important for me to say here that as a civilised society, we must know when to feel shame.

“Especially for the Malay Muslims, we get easily embarrassed and will try our best to stay away from criminal activities.

Investigate Zeti

Mahathir also said the former Bank Negara (Central Bank) governor Zeti Aziz should be investigated in the wake of accusations made by Najib and now star witness Tim Leissner in a 1MDB trial in New York that her husband received kickbacks from 1MDB.

The former Prime Minister said it is good to investigate Zeti as this will clear her name or will prove that the accusations are true.

He adds that all these claims of corrupt practices started during Najib’s reign as PM. No one knows if Mahathir is being sarcastic in his call for Zeti to be investigated.

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