Eight South African schoolchildren charged for raping a dog

Charges of bestiality were laid against several South African schoolchildren after they were caught raping a dog. The children – eight of them – were recently caught by community members in the city of Johannesburg.

A local SPCA general manager who spoke to Sandton Chronicle on the matter said those charged were between the ages of 8 -13, and that raping dogs seem to be a new pastime for young children.

“There is obviously no question of mutual consent (for having sex with these innocent, mute animals). (Before this), we were sure that kids are innocent and won’t even know what bestiality is. How wrong we were.”

The local SPCA said that it had rescued the dog and that it was safely in its care. They however could not say if the dog’s mental state will remain unaffected.

SPCA has laid charges of animal cruelty in terms of the Animals Protection Act and charges of bestiality in terms of criminal law (sexual offence and related matters) Amendment Act. SPCA said that both these charges were serious and may lead to imprisonment if the schoolchildren are found guilty. They are still investigating the case to see if this is the only incident.

The SPCA General Manager, Jaco Pieterse, said: “SPCA and its staff will be doing their utmost to show the dog love and care.Children have to be educated on the humane treatment of animals. The youth are the leaders of the future and research proves that minor animal abusers commit more serious crimes when they grow up, some even committing rape and murder.”

He added that combating animal cruelty when committed at a young age should be addressed as a matter of priority in order to educate the children and ensure it is not committed again. “It is the duty of society to teach children empathy and sympathy towards animals and fellow humans.”